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21047 Highlander Ridge Dr
Edmond, OK, 73012
United States


10th Annual Coyote Calling Tournament

Saturday - february 2, 2019


EndED Thurs Jan 31st 2019 @ 11:59pm CST

FRIDAY FEB 1st 2019 - 6-9PM




Checkin Cutoff 9:00pm Sharp!!


· Must be called Coyote/Bobcat/Fox with use of electronic, diaphragm, or hand call
· Must Kill at least 2 qualifying predators t0 be eligible for any payout
· Teams may choose which pots they would like to partake in
· Total Predator Winners based on point total.
        -Points: Coyote=1 | Bobcat & Fox=1.5
        -Tie goes to heaviest coyote based on natural killed weight
· Heaviest Coyote Winner Male/Female will be based on natural killed weight of single coyote
· Littlest Coyote Winner will be based on natural killed weight of single coyote.  All parts of coyote must be intact when weighed
· Natural killed weight of animal is determined by the weight of the animal at check-in without any tampering whatsoever from the state of the animal when it was killed
· Mangy Coyote will be judged by preselected group of non-hunters
· Big Cat will be based on weight of a single bobcat
· Must be fair chase predators and no use of any type of fence, pen, or barrier maybe used to harvest predators
· No use of decoy dogs, night vision or any type of thermal device may be used
· No use of dead piles or bait stations maybe used
· No trapping, snaring, road killed, or penned predators maybe used
· Boundaries: Oklahoma state lines
· All team members MUST hunt together. No splitting up or calling different areas at the same time
· Only paid members/youths on your team allowed in your vehicle during the day of the hunt
· No combining of predators will be allowed
· Teams must follow all Oklahoma Department of Wildlife rules and regulations at all times
· All Placing teams will be subject to a Lie detector test.  Team member(s) tested will be selected at random by Contest Officials
· Anyone taking a lie detector test may not consume any alcohol or drugs
· If you are late for check-in you are disqualified, no exceptions
· The use of any ATV to include side by sides are allowed for the purpose of traveling between stands.  A four wheeler for use with two man teams and a side by side for three man teams must follow all Game & Fish and Federal BLM/USFS rules.
· All team members must have proper licenses as well as fur licenses
· At least 2 team members must be present night of check in for lie detector.  If 2nd lie detector test is needed it will be up to the placing team to pay for the additional test.  This will be a fee of $400.00
· All teams must read and sign that they understand Rules
· Team member who signs up accepts full responsibility for all team members obeying Rules
· All decisions by Contest Officials are Final
· We have the right to refuse service to any team or team members